Cleveland Engineering through our vast range of machinery and expertise is able to offer our clients full scale service from inception design through to manufacture. Our extensive history and therefore knowledge in mechanical engineering places us at the forefront in not only the State of Victoria but Australia.


Precision CNC Machining / Vertical Machining Centre

Cleveland Engineering Company is the Industry expert in Precision CNC Machining. Using a highly skilled workforce we are able to complete all your requirements to the highest level no matter how small or large the project. Our trained programmers and CAD drawing capabilities further enhance the level of service we extend to our clientele. Our CNC Machining service offers the ideal solutions to everything ranging from prototyping and short-run production of complex parts to the fabrication of unique precision components. Our Vertical Machining Centre further enhances our capabilities for high-precision tight-tolerance milling.

Prototyping / Fabrication

Cleveland Engineering Company has a significant history in Prototyping. We are able to design, develop and manufacture your concept then lead in to full scale production utilizing our ability to precision machine through to production line requirements if needed.

Cleveland Engineering and Fabrication aims to deliver the finest quality fabrication services to suit the individual needs of any requirement. Cleveland Engineering and Fabrication employ a multitude of value added processes in our facility including welding, cutting, forming and machining. Our large fab shop offers additional value to our customers by limiting the need for purchasing personnel to locate multiple vendors for different services.

Assembly Manufacture

At Cleveland Engineering Company we excel in almost any production line requirements using only skilled labour. We have an extensive history with high spec assembly. From producing the first component of your product to being able to deliver the finished product. Our dedicated team is committed to assuring the finest quality.

Vertical / Manual Lathes

Cleveland Engineering also carries a varied range of manual lathes and mills for servicing large high load / heavy steel cast iron applications. These machines are largely utilized for the mining sector.