Cleveland Engineering is an Australian owned, leading engineering solution provider of standard and
customised products which service the power transmission industry and select niche markets.
Cleveland Engineering has a wide range of CNC machinery providing accuracy and efficiency in the
manufacture of both high and low volume parts.
Cleveland Engineering strives to achieve sustainable growth through consistently exceeding the
expectations of its interested parties. Cleveland is committed to effectively implement, maintain and
sustain its quality management system (QMS) in compliance with ISO 9001:2015. The QMS and the
quality policy will be consistently reviewed for suitability, adequacy and relevancy at regular
Our company strives to achieve this by:

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of all the interested parties and implementing
    processes to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously reviewing all the legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements and
    disseminating the information to all the relevant personnel in the organization.
  • Aligning the context of Cleveland to the changing needs and supports its strategic vision and
    direction through risks and opportunities assessments.
  • Monitoring the performance of its processes, products and services and ensuring it is as per the
  • Frequently auditing the system and identifying various opportunities for improvement.
  • Communicating with all the internal and external stakeholders through appropriate channels and
    ensuring that all the employees are familiar with quality policy, objectives, roles and
    responsibilities and implications of non-conformances.
  • Continuously improve all its process through review, feedback and revisions.
    This policy will be displayed at strategic locations in the organization to emphasise the top
    management’s commitment towards the quality management system.